Shopper Tracer


Shopper Tracer helps retailers, shopping centres and entertainment companies around the world understand the purchasing behaviour of their customers. Shopper Tracer is an innovative technology that can accurately determine the customer's location and map their natural purchasing behaviour, increase sales efficiency and optimize shop operations.

The Shopper Tracer Technology solution is a mobile device set consisting of wifi modules and pocket tags for visitors. Tags can be attached to a shopping basket or shoppers can use hand trackers for more accuracy. Modules sending a wifi signal can be easily and quickly installed in any store or shopping mall.

The level of accuracy of measurement of this Technology is exceptional. Another benefit is the energy efficiency: wifi transmitters last for tens of hours and mobile tags for up to several weeks. Within a short space of time, a large number of measurements can be generated. The software has a variety of visualization modes to aid analysis.

  • Shopper Tracer aggregated outputs
  • Scan path shows the specific path of each customer in retail
  • Zone map designs the areas according to customer's attendance
  • Heat map shows the amount of attention given to various areas using a temperature scale
  • In terms of evaluation, time horizons, first visits, revisits and time recording distances are monitored. The outputs can be represented by a 2D or interactive 3D map


Shopper Tracer package:

  • 5 anchors reliably covering 400 m²
  • 3 Li-ion Tags 
  • 1 Hand Tracker
  • RTLS Studio SW – Demo License
  • SAGE Analytics Demo License
  • All plug-and-play accessories

A clear and intuitive dashboard makes it easy to analyze shopper behavior/ decision making process from many perspectives: